Some words from the Founder

Born and grew up in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), I witnessed all the vicissitude of the Vietnam’s history after the Vietnam American war. Speaking French pretty well and a little English learnt in primary school during the period of Vietnam South Republic has brought me to the travel industry as a career for life.

With more than 10 years working as tour operator, I have deep background in travel and hospitality services in Vietnam, especially what adventure travelers expect to see and do.

Mekong Delta is a big image in my childhood memory: the year-round vibrant rivers, the always smiling people, the bustling floating markets and the luxuriant tropical fruit orchards.

I love Mekong Delta as well as its people and my biggest dream is to bring international travelers to all remote corners of this land.

In 2000, as the pionee
r in regional travel service, we launched the first Mien Tay boat, mainly for adventure travelers who aspire to discover Mekong Delta off the beaten track.

Those beginning days with numerous difficulties are still present in my memory.  Cruising Mekong Delta with overnight onboard was still unknown t
o most travelers as well as Tour Operators/Travel Agent in Vietnam. Most of the year, the boat stayed unmoved and 4 crew members including me were bored to be jobless.

Ten years, it is a long period for an enterprise in Vietnam, but it could be short compared to what we have today. With seven cruise ships (sampans) and more than 60 employees, we have now become the leading cruise line in Mekong Delta and a well-known brand in Vietnam travel market. We are proud that our Mekong Delta tours are recommended by many people as well as travel agents and are motivated to do better with the satisfaction of every customer we served. 

Why  “Funan Cruise” ?

Miền Tây in Vietnamese means Mekong Delta. It is homeland of my mother and when I was child, my parents brought me there for school holiday every year.

Mekong Delta is never boring to me, those  same village, same faces of people, same noise of boat early morning, same taste of mango or rambutan, but every time I come, every different impression. Even now, with more than 30 years living with Mekong Delta, but the feeling is the same, like I come back to my own, like I go deeply to my true self.


(Mr. Nguyen Manh Hoa, Chairman of Mekong Emotion Co.,Ltd)