Funan Cruise - Our development story

Mien Tay Boat: the first stage of cruise in Mekong Delta

Number of boats:  3, the first was launched in the year 2000, two others was in services in 2003 and 2005 respectively.

For travelers: Those seek authentic Mekong River and Mekong Delta experience with a true sense of adventure and discovery.

Accommodation onboard: Shared room with private sleeping berth, well equipped with comfortable mattresses and hot water.

Cruise: Mien Tay boats are exclusively reserved for group charter, cruise in set itineraries or tailored  programs upon request

Crew: 4 crew members per boat and per cruise program

Managed by: Mekong Emotion Co., Ltd

Funan Cruise:  the second stage of our cruise development

Number of boats: 4, the first of 7 cabins launched in 2005, followed by the 12 cabin boat in 2007, the 14 cabins in 2008 and the 
12 luxury cabins launched in November 2010

For travelers: Those seek to discover Mekong off beaten while staying in comfort

Accommodation onboard:  private cabins with comfort:  private toilet, hot water & air-conditioner (Family, Double & Twin).

Cruise:  For individual or group travelers sharing the boat and cruise in set itinerary, customized programs upon request

Crew: 6 crew members per boat and per cruise program.

Managed by: Funan Cruise Co., Ltd