Having a history is a privilege. While others need to invent theirs, we have a true story to tell. It begins more than 15 years ago, with the Mien Tay Sampan (adventure boat) for tourists that built with inspirations from the local traditional sampans having navigated on the Mekong rivers. Building on the experience and expertise gained by the local people, we went on to create Lecochinchine cruise - quickly established itself as a leading name in Mekong Delta cruises. As the business continued to grow, the need for new journey arose. In 2010 the company commissioned a purpose built “Mekong Cruise” in 5 highlight destination: Cai Be - Can Tho - Vinh Long - My Tho - Sadec and marking a new era for Mekong Delta Cruise Travel. It was at this time that the cruise was renamed Funan Cruise.

Funan Cruise: The magical stage of our cruise development

Number of boats: 4, the first of 7 cabins launched in 2005, followed by the 12 cabin boat in 2007, the 14 cabins in 2008 and the 12 luxury cabins launched in November 2010

For travelers: Those seek to discover Mekong off beaten while staying in comfort

Accommodation onboard:  private cabins with comfort:  private toilet, hot water & air-conditioner (Family, Double & Twin).

Cruise:  For individual or group travelers sharing the boat and cruise in set itinerary, customized programs upon request

Crew: 6 crew members per boat and per cruise program.

Managed by: Funan Cruise Co., Ltd