Our Boats – Funan Cruise

  • Boats: 4 boats
  • Built: 2003 & 2005
  • Length: 30m
  • Width: 7m
  • Decks: 2
  • Restaurants: 2 (with bar)
  • Electricity: 220 volt
  • Comfort: High Standard
  • For travelers: Adventure & Biking

Choosing Funan Cruise cruise line that allows you to experience the most at every stop along the way is priority one. Discover what makes each port unique through the insights of local experts and crew members who sail with us to many destinations of Mekong Delta. Embark on adventure with shore excursions, and enjoy late night departures and overnight stays.

Funan Cruise makes a good representation for all. It is a modern and tastefully designed river boat. Built in traditional style, Funan Cruise measures around 30 meters long from bow to stern and has two 420 HP engines, making it a very powerful and safe river vessel.    

For your safety and comfort, we are operating a strict non-smoking policy indoors. Smoking is allowed in outside areas only, eg the Sundeck

Safety instruction signs are available in all cabins and public areas. Life jackets are kept in your wardrobe and also in main public areas. In case of emergency, each passenger is requested to proceed at once to the muster stations indicated with signs and await instructions.

Funan Cruises is equipped with 220 volt electricity, with European and American standard sockets. Other types of electrical adaptors are available upon request.

Bottled water is provided in all cabins daily. The ship also brings along enough city water for daily use during the entire trip.

This year, choose Funan Cruise and discover new places, new cultures and new foods of Mekong Delta. But also, rediscover the moments and people you love.